The Cyril Joad Society (CJS) presents The On-Line Brains Trust for June 2007. Welcome !

Please submit your Questions – any Questions – below.

A new post will be created for each Question – so all Answers can be submitted and found there – just press “The Cyril Joad Society” at the top of this page to access this. 

By participating in this Brains Trust, you automatically become both a member of the Audience and a Panellist member – that is, you can ask any question and/or you can answer any question.

All that is asked is to use a little imagination with the brain – perhaps imagining you are both in the audience and on the panel of Any Questions or Question Time – to which the old wartime Brains Trust was the forerunner – 

When a question is asked, you can invite a “guest panellist” to answer that question, or you can answer it yourself. You can also invite a “guest panellist” to ask a question.

If you have been invited as a “guest panellist” to answer a question – thank you and welcome – and please reply as directed. And don’t forget to ask a question if you can !

Comment, criticism, and suggestions for improvement, are always welcome. 

 Questions please….

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  1. Well, I am here, as you wished, Richard. Let’s see how this blog evolves which I expect to be positive.

  2. Thanks, Jose, an audience of one is enough to make a start…

    The first question comes from the ‘Chairman’ of this On-Line Brains Trust – Richard W. Symonds from Ifield in England – that’s me, by the way :


  3. I would like to know if people think that having Gordon Brown as PM will make any difference in regards to Bwitain’s policy in being a part of the “occupying forces” in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  4. The second largest military spender in the world is the UK as of 2005, at $53.6bn in current US$ (c.£29bn). Is this money well spent and does it serve a necessary purpose in today’s world?

  5. I dare to answer the three questions:

    1.Q. Who or what controls the world’s resources, financial and human?
    A. The Banking system altogether.

    2.Q.Will Gordon Brown make any difference?
    A. In my opinion none. The lie will go on for years.

    3.Q. Military money worth spending?
    A. Any money spent with the intention to kill people is criminal, murderous money.
    The world would be better with more hospitals, an appropriate health service and above all, food for those who need it.

  6. Harriet Harman a contender for the new Labour Party Deputy Leader once we have finally got rid of Blair has recently stated, in an effort to distance herself from Blair who she has loyally supported for a number of years, that “I wouldn’t have voted for the invasion of Iraq if I had known that it was based on false intelligence”.

    So what is Ms Harman telling us? She’s not too smart, she’s easily led without questioning but nevertheless she would make an excellent Deputy Leader of the Labour Party?

    Robin Cook knew very well, read his resignation speech on the 18th March 2003 at .
    Indeed Ms Harman could have found out for herself by utilising just a couple of hours on the internet that Blair’s claims about Saddam and Iraq were blatant lies. Don’t we pay politicians to hire “researchers”?

    Of course politicians of the calibre of Robin Cook are as dead as the dinosaurs, literally in the case of Cook who sadly died in August 2005. I’ve actually heard “conspiracy theory” claims that his death was related to his opposition of the illegal invasion which if nothing else proves there’s a great deal of mistrust out there of the Bush/Blair consortium. Meanwhile of course Ms Harman never sensed this mistrust or was curious why it had come about.

    Where are the politicians of the Cook calibre? Politicians who are willing to stunt their career for the sake of retaining moral, intellectual credibility and purity? One thing is for certain, Ms Harman isn’t one of them.

  7. Thanks for that, Michael…I have no time for Harman, or any others that said nothing at the time..”To sin by silence makes cowards out of men” (and women).

    If you want to read answers to your 2 questions, just press “The Cyril Joad Society” at the top of this page…

  8. “I wouldn’t have voted for the invasion of Iraq if I had known it was based on false intelligence” (Harriet Harman – Deputy Labour Leader contender).

    Does the Labour Leader – Gordon Brown – think the same way. We should know by the end of the G8 Summit…and will Brown take the ‘Bush line’ or the ‘Putin line’ ?

  9. The day the present leaders of Labour decide not to toe the line drawn for them, all support will be withdrawn and they’ll be doomed.

  10. Richard I don’t know who else to turn to than the “Cyril Joad Society” but I need the help of you and your panel to help me write the “Blueprint for a true Democracy”. I’m going to write my basic thoughts here and I want some of the clever people you associate with to add suggestions/amendments. You may even want to post it on other blogs as long as the input is received back yer.

    On the face of it, apart from the House of Lords of course, we live in a democracy insofar that we can vote for political candidates as per the voting slip. The problem is that we don’t actually have any input on which names appear on the voting slip in the first instance, therefore in reality we are simply confirming someone else’s choice. Secondly political parties are privately funded partly by big business, unions, even individuals who are citizens of foreign countries. It’s logical to assume that all of these have a purpose in donating money and that must be in order to further their own particular interests, which may or may not be in the interests of the Bwitish electorate.

    1) The abolition of political parties.
    2) The election funding of all candidates from local or general taxation , at all levels.
    3) A pyramid form of selection where candidates are elected first at a local level (local council elections), the best of these selected to the next level (County?) and the best of those elected to the House of Commons. All the time voting made by the electorate.
    In the first instance (local council) as many people as want to can apply simply by a short description of themselves, photograph not compulsory, and also a statement of their views of local matters such as housing, planning, recreation, highways etc , etc, PLUS a very brief outline on their views of National and International issues.
    These details will then be distributed to every household in the area and the population can vote at special “Internet voting offices” subject to normal safeguards.
    At the next level (County)local issues can be disregarded and National and International given priority. The candidates will be chosen from those who have been elected in the “local” elections and the same voting procedure followed.
    The elected candidates from the “County” elections will form the pool from which the MP’s are selected using the same principles.
    There we are, very brief, but I’m sure you get the jist.

  11. In principle your solutions adapt to what democracy should be, not the decaffed one we are “enjoying” today.

    The question I have is: will this type of pyramidal elections prevail, or will they die out as people start getting bored?

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